Additional Services - Longtail Pet Motel

If your pets need special attention or care while staying at the pet motel we offer the following additional services:

Special Diets and Medication

Medication administered and special foods provided.

Extra attention can be provided for elderly or pets recovering from injury too.

Basic Grooming

Bathing, brushing/combing, flea control and worming

Basic Grooming is available for our boarding or day care guests

In Season Bitches

Strict procedures followed to avoid unwanted pregnancies

Problem Dogs

Special attention for dogs with a history of gnawing, burrowing etc

Pet Day Care

  • Day boarding available to keep an eye on your pet while you are working or have other activities.
  • Dogs can be individually exercised and entertained or can be matched with a Paw Mate for interactive play on request.

Longtail offers daytime care for your pets during week days only and not over the weekends and holidays.

A great advantage for you is that your pets get to experience the Pet motel so if a night or longer is required, your pets will feel comfortable with their surroundings

Longtail is open daily 8-10am and again 4-6pm.
We invite you to call out during opening times and inspect our facilities

Other Services

  • National & International Pet Transport
    - Longtail Pet Transportation can help you move your pets and arrange documentation on your behalf
  • Pet Taxi Service
    -Longtail Pet Motel offer a local collection and delivery service for all pets.
  • Cages Available
    - for sale and hire

Pet Transport Details

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