Six great reasons why Hamilton's leading boarding kennels and cattery Longtail Pet Motel are the ideal choice for pet boarding.

The friendly and professional team at Hamilton's boarding kennels and cattery, Longtail Pet Motel, are leading the industry with their high standards of individual care that they give to all of their animal guests.


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Here are six great reasons why you should choose Longtail Pet Motel in Hamilton for your pet this summer:

  1. At Longtail Pet Motel your pet will be given the same type of individual care and attention that your pet is used to receiving in your home so that it remains happy and healthy when you are away.
  2. Longtail Pet Motel smartly designed and spacious Individual housing helps to lesser the anxiety levels of your pets. These enclosures feature half solid walls, except for at the front this so they are not disturbed by other animals but can face the staff at Longtail Pet Motel for communication and they can directly see them to pick up on any issues
  3. Dedicated to maintaining the good health of your pets, Longtail Pet Motel take your pet on daily exercise routines, which also serves as a health checks and a one-on-one comfort session. “During this time your pet will be spoken to by name while being patted, cuddled and reassured that you will be returning soon,” says Longtail Pet Motel.
  4. If you need to transport your pet overseas Longtail Pet Motel can arrange all the documentation and logistics needed for transportation of your dog, cat or any other pets.
  5. Your pet will always be individually fed. This is to make sure your pet receives a full ration. Fresh water is also supplied. “For pets that have their own special diets and dietary requirements, we are more than happy to feed that,” adds Longtail Pet Motel. Their staff can adapt to your pet’s unique feeding requirements and needs.
  6. The team at Longtail Pet Motel have strict cleaning standards for their facilities. Everything must be clean as the team at Longtail Pet Motel in Hamilton believes that this helps to settle new pets who may be nervous being in a new space.


With more than 30 years professional experience, Longtail Pet Motel is ideal for pet owners who are going on holiday, moving houses or who work away from home.


About Longtail Pet Motel

Longtail Pet Motel has been a staple in the Hamilton community since 1980, offering a first-class boarding kennels and cattery facility for pets from all over the Waikato. Priding themselves on their environmentally friendly facility that has a fantastic rural outlook, Longtail Pet Motel is ideal for pet owners who are going on holiday, moving houses or who work away from home.

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