Pet Care Tips

Keeping your pets healthy and happy is a key motive for the friendly and expert team at Hamilton’s leading boarding kennels and cattery, Longtail Pet Motel.

So they have put together a list of pet care tips that will ensure that your pet will have a healthy and long life.

Pet Allergies

Even cats and dogs can suffer from allergies.

Being aware which allergens that can cause a reaction in your pet and knowing how accurately treat their symptoms can help you manage their allergy effectively.

Atopic allergies (such as hay fever) symptoms include itchy skin, watery eyes, runny nose and respiratory problems.

“The pollen count tends to escalate during warm weather and is at its highest in the mornings and evenings, so try avoid walking your dog at these times,” says Longtail Pet Motel.

Pets & Fireworks

In the firework season we need to remember that fireworks can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety in your pet.

During this time it pays to provide a safe and quiet place for your pet to retreat to when the fireworks stat.

Cats generally like high up places such as cupboards, some prefer under beds or blankets or in wardrobes.

Dogs will try to hide in tiny and dim spaces, “So provide a comfy cave for them, made out of a big box or crate covered in a blanket and plenty of bedding,” advises Longtail Pet Motel.

Pet Diets & Food

It’s important to feed your pet a high quality and healthy food.

Pets that are fed a high-quality diet have a shiny coat of fur, healthy skin, and bright eyes.

A good diet can also strengthen your pet’s immune system, improve intestinal health and help to keep joints and muscles healthy.

Veterinary Care

All pets require regular veterinary care.

Veterinary care goes far beyond routine vaccinations, even though those are important.

A routine examination by your vet can uncover health issues of which you are unaware.

“Often an early diagnosis improves the chances of successful treatment,” advises Longtail Pet.

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