Christmas Pet Boarding

Hamilton's leading boarding kennels and cattery Longtail Pet Motel are the ideal choice for Christmas boarding.

Christmas is not far away and if you are planning on going away from home and need someone to look after your precious pets with a high standard of care, Hamilton's leading boarding kennels and cattery Longtail Pet Motel are the perfect choice.

With well-maintained facilities, the team at Longtail Pet Motel excel at giving your pet individual care and attention so it remains happy and healthy when you are away this Christmas.

The team at Longtail Pet Motel have strict cleaning standards for their facilities.

“Everything must be clean, as this helps to settle new pets,” says Longtail.

“All pets are individually cared for and please feel free to bring any blankets or clothing that your pet loves, as this will help your pet not feel abandoned," advises Longtail.

Longtail advises all pet owners to ask to see the facilities including where their pets sleep. 

“This is really important as you will be able to see if your pets in the facility are happy and if facilities are clean. Be suspicious of any facility that will not allow a pre-inspection, as you will know your pet best and not all facilities maybe suitable for your pet,” says Longtail.

All dogs are exercised onto grass pens every morning and night.

The dogs sleeping area is cleaned during this time which includes refreshing all water bowls so your pet can have a good clean drink of water when returning from their morning and afternoon exercise.

Longtail Pet Motel has cleverly designed Individual housing which will help to lesser the anxiety levels of your pets.

All of the pet enclosures have half solid walls, except for at the front this so they are not disturbed by other animals but can face us for communication and we can directly see them to pick up on any issues,” adds Longtail.

The other half of the wall that is mesh, which allows social 'greet and talk' contact with the pet next door and being of 50mm welded mesh there is no chance of physical contact.

Longtail Pet Motel has not seen any damage from chewing and trying to access to pet next door with this type of material, which means your pet is safe.

“Once the pets feel safe we are halfway to them enjoying their stay with us,” comments Longtail.

With more than 30 years professional experience, Longtail Pet Motel is ideal for pet owners who are going on holiday, moving houses or who work away from home.

Make sure you get your Christmas booking in quick as spots are filling up fast.

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