5 Reasons to use Longtail Pet Motel

Five great reasons why the facilities at Hamilton's boarding kennels and cattery, Longtail Pet Motel, make them the ideal choice for pet boarding.


Happy Friendly Kitten


The friendly and professional team at Hamilton's boarding kennels and cattery, Longtail Pet Motel, are leading the industry with their clean, spacious and well-equipped facilities.

Here are five fantastic reasons why Longtail Pet Motel facilities are a cut above the rest.

Grass Enclosure

Dogs need regular exercise to stay healthy just like people do. Longtail Pet Motel's has large, secure and grass enclosure ensures where your dog can exercise safely and individually during their stay. Daily exercise for your pets has wide range of health benefits including helping hip joints, reducing digestive problems, and keeping your dog at a healthy weight, which decreases the likelihood of developing other health problems.

Cat Housing

For our little feline friends, Longtail Pet Motel's cat enclosures will keep them safe and secure. Outfired to be a mock home environment every effort is made to provide your cat with a relaxed and enriched boarding experience.

Dog Housing

Longtail Pet Motel's cleverly designed and spacious Individual housing feature half solid walls, except for at the front, this so they are not bothered by other animals but can face the staff at Longtail Pet Motel for communication and they can directly see them to pick up on any potential problems. This design can also help to lesser the anxiety levels of your pets.

Individual Feeding

With Longtail Pet Motel's fantastic facilities your pet will always be individually fed. This will ensure your pet receives a full ration and if your pets have special diets and dietary requirements that is no problem for the caring staff at Longtail Pet Motel. The staff can easily adapt to your pet's unique feeding requirements and needs. Fresh water is also supplied.


The team at Longtail Pet Motel adhere to strict cleaning policy for their facilities. Everything must be thoroughly cleaned as the team at Longtail Pet Motel believes that it goes a long way in helping you pet settle in a new space.


About Longtail Pet Motel

Longtail Pet Motel has been a staple in the Hamilton community since 1980, offering a first-class boarding kennels and cattery facility for pets from all over the Waikato. Priding themselves on their environmentally friendly facility that has a fantastic rural outlook, Longtail Pet Motel is ideal for pet owners who are going on holiday, moving houses or who work away from home.

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