FAQ's About Longtail Pet Motel

Can I view your premises?

We invite everyone to come view our kennels and cattery so you can see where your pet will be staying while you are away.

No appointment is required as long as you come during our office hours 8am-10am or 4pm-6pm.
If you are unable to make it during these times, please contact us to make an appointment.

Does my pet have to be vaccinated to come into boarding or day care?

Yes all pets must be vaccinated and owners are to provide documentation that all vaccinations are current to Veterinarian requirements.

We highly recommend that for dogs these include Lepto and Kennel Cough vaccines.
However it must be understood that even though pets are fully vaccinated this may not fully protect your pet. Your Vet will advise further on this issue.

Why do you have set drop off and collection times? Why can't I drop off my pet at lunchtime?

We have set times for drop off and collection so that the remainder of the day can be spent focusing on your pets welfare.

By limiting the drop off and collection times allows the pets to settle in quickly to our routines and reduces their stress by restricting the number of distractions of new animals coming in.

If you are unable to come during our office hours you are welcome to make an appointment for an alternative time, although an extra charge will apply. If you turn up outside of hours without an appointment this charge will be higher.

What is the daily routine for a dog boarding at your kennels?

  • The morning starts off with the dogs heading out to the exercise yards either individually or with their paw mate if one has been requested.
  • While they are out running around and enjoying themselves, their night time kennel is cleaned and disinfected.
  • Once the dogs have tired themselves out from playing ( minimum time of 30mins during the busy season and a usual time of 60-90mins per exercise session), they are put away for lunch and a midday nap.
  • After a well deserved rest the dogs are let out again to for an afternoon play session the same as the morning before being put away for bed.
  • Additional exercise sessions and walks on the lead are available for an extra fee.

What do feed you my pets?

We feed fresh beef and quality dry foods to all our guests. If your pet is on a special diet, you are more than welcome to bring this along with full written instructions. An extra charge may apply if multiple meals are required or a lengthy food preparation is required.

My pet hasn't been fixed / isn't very social / is extremely timid / is recovering from injury, will you still take them?

Yes, because we treat all the pets individually and do not put the pets together without your permission, we can accommodate your pet. Just let us know at the time of booking or checking in any concerns or special requirements you may have. All pets are housed and exercised individually unless you request otherwise.

My pet is very social, can they have a mate?

Yes, just let us know at check in that you would like your pet to have a paw mate, and we will match them with another pet of suitable size and temperament to play with.

How does your daily rate get charged? Is it per day or per night?

Our daily rate is valid until 10am the following morning. Just like a person motel.
You are charged for the day that your pet arrives regardless of whether they arrive during the morning session or the afternoon session.

If you collect your pet before 10am the following morning you are not charged for that day. If you collect after 10am then you are charged for that day.

Example: You drop off your pet on Friday 29th.

If you collect before 10am Saturday 30th then it will be one days charge.
If you collect after 10am on the 30th then it will be two days charged.
If you turn up outside of office hours then there will be additional fees added.

Got Another Question?

Please contact us for more information.